Hip Hop

Get your groove on at our power packed sessions that focus on different choreography every week to strengthen your rhythm and ability to catch dance steps fast!

Street Jazz

Combining jazz & hip hop movements, be prepared for a total body workout through crazy fun dancing!


Are you a fan of So You Think You Can Dance? Come join us for fun and emotional sessions to lyrical pieces that will get your body flowing in one with the music.

Girls' Hip Hop

Don’t be shy ladies! Come shake that booty with us as you learn sensual strong dance moves that will blow your mind. Leave your rules at the door and unleash your wild side! We don’t judge!

KPop MV Style

We all know Korean songs are too catchy to not dance to them. We also know how much everyone loves the K-Pop culture now. So come join us and dance to familiar K-Pop music with moves inspired from the trending music videos!

Broadway Jazz

Inspired by famous musicals like Chicago, Burlesque, A Chorus Line, and more… this jazz-style of dance is very popular in the dance scene. You will learn jazz techniques like struts, turns, jumps and grooves during our Broadway jazz classes, while doing fun upbeat choreography! Come dance with us and feel what its like to dance like a Broadway star!