Dance Courses

We offer a variety of dance genres and levels of courses for you to learn and experience dance in a fun, encouraging, and safe environment.
We focus on foundation and basic skills during course lessons, and the class is limited to a smaller group of students to ensure optimum learning.

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You will learn basic ballet and jazz techniques, and how to string a sequence of these basics into a simple routine.

There will be lots of stretching, and some physical conditioning involved to loosen and strengthen your muscles to prepare your body to dance. You will explore how to breathe through your movement, and work on concepts like flow-control, contract-release, floor-work, and more.

Although it might be one of the hardest to achieve, but it's also one of the most rewarding!

Hip Hop

You will learn basic hiphop grooves such as down bounces, 2-step, 4-step, box-step, and a variety of necessary footwork to help you through the course.

You will get to build on your stamina and fitness, and strengthen your core and legs as well. The “New-Age HipHop”, Urban Dance, as portrayed by many dancers all over the internet, is very closely linked to old-school HipHop. Music & moves are usually upbeat, and engages a swag yet chill vibe during lessons.

Students always leave our courses wanting to do more!

Street Jazz

You will learn how to incorporate the basics of street dance styles and jazz techniques, and make you comfortable with your body while you move.

There is the expression of girl-power, the engagement of your sensuality, and the use of strength. You will learn how to vary the textures in the way you dance, and find out what your flattering angles and lines are.

As seen on many YouTube dance videos, this mega-popular style is often our fastest selling course!


Our dance courses consist of 8 progressive lessons that focus on basics and technical skills required to execute simple dance choreography. Our instructors teach 1 routine throughout the course following the average pace of the group.

All our dance courses are limited to 16-18 students, and pre-registration is required to ensure commitment from you! Courses are open to all ages, levels and nationalities.

We do not conduct any free trial class.. You will need to sign up for the full course!

There are no refunds or makeup sessions, but don’t worry, if you do miss any lesson, our instructors always do a recap of the previous lessons.

At the end of every course, you will receive a video of your course group performing the routine.


Beginner Levels 1, 2 & 3
Our beginner level 1 courses are suitable for those completely new to dance.
Beginner levels 2 & 3 are suitable for dancers who have completed our previous levels, newbies who have some basic foundations in dance, or rusty dancers looking for a way to start dancing again!

Intermediate Levels 1 & 2
Our intermediate courses focus on higher level dance techniques and movement quality. Only advisable for those who have completed our previous courses, or dancers who have some experience in the respective genre.

Advanced Levels 1 & 2
Our advanced courses focus on improvisation and freestyle movement - how to apply the skills learnt in previous courses and create your own movement with confidence. Only advisable for those who have completed our previous courses, or dancers who have some experience in the respective genre.

Upon completion of all our course levels, you should feel confident as a dancer and move on to attend our open classes!


If you are completely new to dancing, you should start with our beginner level 1.
If you have some exposure to dance before, or taken any fitness, aerobics or yoga lessons, you should be comfortable with any of our beginner levels 1 - 3.

If you have danced previously in school, but haven’t been dancing for a while, we encourage you to start again with our beginner levels 1 - 3 as you will need to build your stamina and strength properly to prevent injury.

If you have completed any previous courses with us but took a break and want to come back, you can join in the next available level!

If you are an experienced dancer looking to train your basics again, our intermediate or advanced levels should be suitable for you.

*Checkout our course videos on YouTube to get an idea of how a class routine looks!



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