Dance Courses

We offer a variety of dance genres and levels of courses for you to learn and experience dance in a fun, encouraging, and safe environment.
We focus on foundation and basic skills during course lessons, and the class is limited to a smaller group of students to ensure optimum learning.


7 - 8pm
Street Jazz Beg I
Start (08/10)
Hip Hop Beg I
Start (09/10)
Urban Int I
Start (10/10)
Contemp Int I
Jing Wen
Start (04/10)
Popping Beg III
Start (19/10)
Waacking Int II
Start (19/10)

8 - 9pm
Street Jazz Beg II
Start (08/10)
Contemporary Beg I
Start (10/10)
Waacking Beg III
Start (12/10)


You will learn basic ballet and jazz techniques, and how to string a sequence of these basics into a simple routine.

There will be lots of stretching, and some physical conditioning involved to loosen and strengthen your muscles to prepare your body to dance. You will explore how to breathe through your movement, and work on concepts like flow-control, contract-release, floor-work, and more.

Although it might be one of the hardest to achieve, but it's also one of the most rewarding!

Hip Hop

You will learn basic hiphop grooves such as down bounces, 2-step, 4-step, box-step, and a variety of necessary footwork to help you through the course.

You will get to build on your stamina and fitness, and strengthen your core and legs as well. The “New-Age HipHop”, Urban Dance, as portrayed by many dancers all over the internet, is very closely linked to old-school HipHop. Music & moves are usually upbeat, and engages a swag yet chill vibe during lessons.

Students always leave our courses wanting to do more!

Street Jazz

You will learn how to incorporate the basics of street dance styles and jazz techniques, and make you comfortable with your body while you move.

There is the expression of girl-power, the engagement of your sensuality, and the use of strength. You will learn how to vary the textures in the way you dance, and find out what your flattering angles and lines are.

As seen on many YouTube dance videos, this mega-popular style is often our fastest selling course!


You will learn the basics of creating the many famous hip hop illusions like robot, waving and tutting.

Popping is a street dance and one of the original funk styles that came from California during the 1960s-1970s. Now it's often to be weaved in hip hop performances to add an extra layer and dynamic to stage performances.

Students usually are awed by the funk/popping culture as they learn more (and even more).


You will learn arm movements to create visuals and shapes that accentuate your body angles and lines.

Commonly danced to upbeat disco music, waacking was made popular by dance crews in USA, and has grown to own a genre of its own. Feel the high-fashion style of dancing as you learn to get that extra flare in your dancing!

Students often come out a lot more confident in holding themselves individually (and tone arms!)


We offer a good progression across our courses for each dance genre.

Beginner Levels 1, 2 & 3
Intermediate Levels 1 & 2
Advanced Levels 1 & 2

It takes about a year or more to complete all levels of a one genre with us.



Intermediate level courses are meant for dancers who have completed the previous beginner level courses with us, or dancers with sufficient foundation knowledge who wish to build their techniques in the relevant genre.


Advanced level courses are suitable only for dancers who have completed the previous beginner & intermediate courses with us. Dancers with experience who wish to join advanced courses should check with us first if this is suitable for you.


Payment can be made via Bank Transfer when you sign up here; or over our studio counter by Cash/NETS.


Please make payment through bank transfer to either of these bank accounts:
PayNow UEN 53256125B
OCBC Current 551-864911-001
POSB Savings 126-78522-4

After transferring, fill in your details below with the transaction ref. no. and submit your registration.

We will verify the transaction and send you an email within 3 working days to confirm your registration!

You can also come down to our studio during classes to register and make payment over the counter. We accept both CASH & NETS at our studio.

Please note that each course requires a minimum number of students to commence. We will notify you by email or SMS, 1 week before the first session, to inform you if the course will be commencing. If it doesn't, we will go ahead to refund you the amount and postpone or cancel the course.