A warm welcome to our studio, home to the STEP Crew, Youth Crew, Junior Crew, and many hearts of dancers.

It is never an easy task, running a space aimed at inspiring new dancers whilst expanding our art. Like any community, we’ve experienced our struggles and celebrated our success over the years. My heart is filled with immense gratitude for those of you who have held us up every step of the way, trusting us with some part of your dance journey. Thank you.

Our studio has seen over 2,500 dancers come and go over the years, many of whom have taken their first step to start dancing with us. I am deeply heartened watching our dancers who have grown so much under our guidance, and excited for the new ones who will continue to join our family. It is indeed such a privilege for me to witness magic being created at our studio every day, and I promise to do my best at continuously providing this safe space for dancers to develop their passion.

This online site provides you with selected works of our studio programmes and projects, and we hope that whatever information you may need, you can find here. Take your time, and have fun navigating around this space. I’m sure we will meet real soon.

STEP Studio is only made possible with our dream team of amazing friends, instructors, and dancers. I would like to take this opportunity to thank our friends and family who have supported us through our dance journeys.

Thank you for taking the time to come visit us. It means so much to have your support!

See you at the studio!

With love,
Artistic Director

STEP Studio was founded in 2014, and has been run by Step, and her loving husband, Deo.