Hello everyone! After the journey we had for the past years, listening to your feedback and trying to meet your needs, we have big and exciting things for 2019! We are proud to introduce STEP Studio Programmes with 3 of our instructors, we can't wait to start this journey with you!

Criteria to join:


Programme Timeslots:

Programme fees:

$250 per term

Member Privileges:


What do I need to do for auditions?
You will be taking a class under our respective instructors. After learning the routine, dancers will be split into groups to showcase the routine, with some improv/freestyle at the end. We are looking out for dancers with the right mindset and the heart to learn!

What is the commitment like?
It’s usually once a week practice. After the programme runs, the instructor have the liberty to tweak the structure to better suit the group. All under the guidance and direction of our studio directors.

How many programmes can I audition for?
You can audition for as many items/ genres as you want, you can do that by submitting multiple entries on the form below.

I cannot make it for the audition day, can I still join?
You are allowed to submit a video audition to by 9th December, but do bear in mind we will consider all attendees who come down for audition first before looking at video submissions.

Are there any fees involved?
Auditions are completely free. The Programme will be $250/term (i.e. $500 for a total of 2 terms).

Do I need to have dance experience to join?
We do advise only those with at least 12 months of dance experience to join!

Is there an Age Limit?
Our programme is meant for ages 15 years old and above to join.

Do I need to be a STEP Studio student to join?
Nope! We do prioritize our studio students, but we accept members of the public as well!

We hope this FAQ helps with your planning for the year, and we encourage you to join us on this journey!
For more enquiries regarding this programme and auditions, please email