As we move forward, we cannot expect the studio to be able to operate at full capacity in the coming months, and we thank you for your willingness to adapt with us!

To continue keeping our physical space and support our instructors who depend on us, we have come up with new online training programmes, beginner courses, and pop-up open classes, that allow us to keep bringing our love for dance to you.

Our instructors have come up with their own tailor-made online syllabus for you to learn from them and grow with them. You get to experience dancing with us through video conferencing with growth-focused lessons that are suitable for learning and moving in the comfort and constraints of your home.

When the phases roll out in our country, there will still be distancing measures in place. As long as we are unable to operate fully at our physical space, we will continue to run our online sessions. -- If we are limited to a maximum of 5 - 10 persons in a space, signing up for classes will be on a first-come-first-serve basis. Dancers who get into these classes at our physical studio will have to consent to being recorded live for others to learn along together from home via video conferencing. -- But before these plans roll out, we have our online sessions that will keep you dancing consistently!

THANK YOU to every one of you for standing by us through this difficult time. We miss you, our hearts are with you, and we will keep doing what we feel is best for our studio community.

Always with love,
Step, Deo and the STEP Fam


Introducing our NEW Online Programmes that will all be conducted through video conferencing via Zoom.

We are excited to have you with us on this special journey, and we have tailor-made all our online programmes to help you discover yourself as a dancer, even through the screen

These programmes are meant for dancers with some consistent dance experience. If you are a complete beginner in dance, our programmes are, unfortunately, not for you, and we encourage you to take up a beginners course instead!

Our instructors have taken into consideration the space constraints you may have at home. Just like you, they are conducting the lessons from their home as well.

Thank you for your willingness to adapt with us, and for your support in our studio and our instructors. Let's do this!





Over the 2 months of circuit breaker, we had our CONNECT Package of 7 weeks worth of online content that consist of over 60 dance tutorials, classes by special guests, follow-along videos as well as boss bonus exclusive content!

As we move forward with producing different online content, we will not be producing any brand new content for our CONNECT Package. Good news is… you can still purchase our CONNECT Package!!! You will still receive FULL access to all our past tutorials and they will not be taken down, so you can keep practicing at your own pace, in your own time. Keep enjoying the gift of dance and turn your home into your very own studio!

Under this CONNECT initiative, we donated a total of $385 to the Courage Fund that supports vulnerable families through Covid-19.

Till today, Step herself is still personally donating $1 for every dancer who does the Haylie Harwood dance tutorial, to the #BlackLivesMatter movement fund, in support of our dance friends in America.

Thank you for allowing us to pay it forward whilst you help us tide through our tough times.