Welcome to STEP Studio Connect, our first ever worldwide online series of dance tutorials! We miss you, and we wanna keep you dancing and feeling our energy, so here's how this works…

Pay a ONE-TIME subscription fee of $35 to gain...

  1. Immediate FULL ACCESS to over 30 video tutorials by our instructors
  2. Follow-along videos to warm-up, stretch, and improv with Step
  3. Boss-Bonus content by Step & Deo, which include conversational tips to improve your dancing
  4. Connect-Special routines taught ONLY through this platform
  5. Access to LIVE Classes conducted by Step via Zoom on Fridays for the month of May
  6. Future videos every week without ever needing to pay again!
There are different genres and levels for you to enjoy learning from the comforts of your home space!

As a member of STEP Studio Connect, you have the exclusive privilege to join in any of these LIVE classes! It would be fun and you get to interact directly with Step and ask questions like as if you were in the studio with her. Step will stay on to chat for a while after class as well!


  1. Download Zoom & WhatsApp (if you don't already have these apps)
  2. Save our Studio WhatsApp number (+65 81771759)
  3. 15min before class, we will send the Zoom meeting invite link to you via WhatsApp
  4. Get admitted into the class!
It's up to you if you wish to turn on your video/audio while taking class, but towards the end of class we sure hope to see as many of you on the screen dancing it together! ♥

As you support us, we will be paying it forward too.
Under the STEP Studio Connect initiative, Step personally donates 10% of all proceeds to The Courage Fund, which helps support vulnerable families affected by Covid-19.

Once again, thank you so much for supporting us, and wanting to connect with us through dance again.

Stay home, stay active, and stay connected with us!