Our Contemporary Dance Programme is having its 2020 intake! Lead by our leading Contemporary instructor, Ng Jing Wen, this is a 6 month dance training programme that will strengthen your physical endurance, develop your dance techniques, and explore your individual style. Details below!

Suitable for dancers aged 16 years old and above with at least 6 months of consistent dance experience.


If selected for this programme, term fees are $250 for 10 weeks.

You will be expected to commit to all 2 terms, and perform for our studio’s annual recital.

On top of weekly training sessions, programme members are entitled to 10 FREE Open Classes each term.


Our 2020 Programme begins in January and ends in August.

Training sessions take place every Wednesday, 8:00 - 10:00pm at STEP Studio.

Additional commitment may be requested of you if the group decides to take on more projects such as concept video filming, external performances, internal class sharing, etc.


Name Contact No Name Contact No
Alden Wong Jun Jie****3815Lee Wei Jun****7606
Crystal Tan Ting Xuan****2229Leong Whye Yi Audrey****2955
Derwin Foo Shun Rong****8224Lim Yu Hern****0126
Elizabeth Chee****5124Lok Ying Cheng Sheryee****2608
Jermaine Ng****9938Nur Afiq Bin Abdul Talib****0562
Ju-Lyn Khairunnisa****6935Tan Rui Qi****8835
Kathleen Wung, Bi Lin****6326Tan Xin Tong****9612
Kelvin Tay****2988Tay Tong Ying****8134